Why vote for Wordhouse

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Thanks for checking out the site and considering me as a potential candidate for the upcoming 2018 elections. Above is my lovely wife Andrea and Marley, our doggo. We have one boy who’s 15 years old and is working hard, saving up for his first car. To the right is me doing one of my passions, landscape photography. It’s nice to get out in the backwoods of Oregon and recharge your mental batteries while watching the light change over the mountains. All the shots you see were taken by yours truly.


If you want someone in Washington DC to fight for your right for Universal Healthcare, education, renewable energy and a healthier planet while rooting out corporate corruption and military spending, then I’m your huckleberry. My ethics are set in stone and I will not be swayed by big business lobbyists. Health, Earth, Education and Renewables will be my battle cry. It’s time they H.E.E.R. it in Washington!


Greg Walden has held the State Representative seat since 1999 mainly due to the Republican’s majority population in our district. We need a candidate that can unify the Democrats and Independents while swinging over the Republican moderates. I believe I can be that person because I have lived in both worlds and understand both sides. You have to give to receive on topics that they hold dear. Like my suggestion regarding abortion and having a place where people can opt-out of one government program when filling out their taxes. It gives power to the people and let’s them have some control. Planned Parenthood will still be funded, just not with their taxes. It’s a compromise that builds bridges and brings us together as a nation.


Regarding District 2 representation, I’d like to see about implementing an online geofenced pre-legislation voting form for everyone in District 2. This would give you a voice regarding critical legislation which I would use to help decide the final vote in the house. The online geofenced form would only be visible for District 2 constituents. When it comes down to it, I represent what District 2 wants so this will weigh heavy on the house vote. I can’t stress this enough, I will not vote down party lines, I will vote for what’s best for District 2 and the Nation.


Work Background

I have owned several small businesses over my 20+ years in Oregon. They have ranged from an advertising agency to a distillery and now currently, part-owner of a DSLR camera sensor cleaning company. I have managed national and international contract negotiations and have overseen the importation and exportation of goods. I have written several patent applications and I’m well versed in the workings of government bureaucracy due to my experiences when starting up the distillery.


In addition, I also work full time as a Creative Director for a local software company. Every day my job is to look at a range of complex problems and try to find new and creative ways of solving them. I look forward to bringing my skill set to Washington and put it to work for the people of Oregon District 2.


If you’re looking for a house representative that will stand up for health, earth, education and renewables while fighting to reduce corporatism in politics and military escalation, then please consider me to represent you.


Thank you for your consideration.
– Ross Wordhouse

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