Washington Table Flipper

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

John F. Kennedy

Washington DC is Broken

Whether you’re a believer or not, you can learn a lot from the teachings of a carpenter from our past. He lived by a moral code that was founded on Forgiveness, Acceptance, Compassion, Tolerance and Service. Even Jesus, a man filled with love and compassion, had his breaking point. When he saw money exchangers  profiting in the temple he snapped and started flipping tables and drove them out.


I think we all can relate to this when we see corruption. No matter how restrained we try to be, we all have a breaking point and I think I’ve reached mine. We’ve got politicians doing the bidding of corporate behemoths, partisan politics, runaway funding for the military, climate denial, ever expanding debt and the list goes on and on… it can make you want to start flipping Washington tables!


Congress Table Flipping

Congress is where the real power lies and right now it’s lying down with big business and enjoying every minute of it. We need to break up this love affair and make these common sense changes to congress:


  • Make it illegal to accept campaign donations and gifts from lobbyists
  • Ban lobby contribution bundling
  • 5 year moratorium when politicians want to transition into lobbyist jobs
  • Ban campaigning during working hours
  • 12 year term limits for House and Senate
  • Legislation must have equal and opposite party co-authoring
  • End Gerrymandering
  • Overturn Citizens United


These changes will help reduce corporate influence, provide an even playing field for seat challengers, reduce career politicians and bring balance to legislation drafting. I’m sure that these proposals won’t make me new friends on the hill, but these changes are the right thing to do.


Healthcare Table Flipping

All it takes is a Google search to solve this problem, it’s really that simple. Search for “the best healthcare in the world” and see what comes up. Looky there, it’s France’s healthcare program! It’s a blend of universal healthcare and private practices. This hybrid system is great for eliminating procedure wait times that are commonly associated with government run healthcare.


Currently, both Obamacare and Trumpcare only focus on treating the symptoms of healthcare woes. Any doctor worth their salt will find and treat the cause, not the symptom. When it comes to United States healthcare the main cause of the problem is price gouging by the insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. By following the methods of France’s healthcare plan, insurance companies are eliminated, procedure and care costs are negotiated between the government and the doctor unions and finally, the government negotiates pricing with the pharmaceutical companies.


Comparing costs, France’s cost per capita is $4,407 while the United States is a whopping $9,451 per capita.


Pretty amazing what a country can save and offer when they focus on the cause and not the symptoms of a problem.


Many of us have felt the sting of free market healthcare pricing on meds, procedures, coverage or lack thereof due to pre-existing conditions. It’s the main reason why the USA leads in medical tourism spending, it’s just cheaper to get quality care elsewhere. Under the Declaration of Independence, life is an unalienable right for every citizen so healthcare should be affordable for everyone. Please send me to Washington so I can personally flip this table!

Overview of French Healthcare
Adam Ruins USA Healthcare

Infrastructure Table Flipping

Our outdated electrical, transit and water infrastructure is failing and needs to be addressed ASAP. It’s time to make the investments needed to modernize these systems and make them work in a world that’s focused on a cleaner environment. Regarding energy, I’d like to see the development of localized, smart microgrids that power neighborhoods and are fueled by a blend of solar, wind, hydro and/or geothermal. For transit, I can envision a time where smart roads will generate electricity and feed it back into our electric cars so we never have to recharge. The roads would also be able to communicate, informing the drivers about the conditions ahead of them. Regarding water, I can see smart water systems in homes that captures grey water and reuses it for laundry machines and other non-consumption tasks. The future looks bright, we just need the right people in place to make it happen.

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.

John F. Kennedy


Military Industrial Complex Table Flipping

We’ve been in the business of regime change and war mongering since the 1950s. When will we learn that the only thing that comes out of these efforts is more hatred of the U.S. and increased profits for the military suppliers. In 2016 we spent $660 Billion on our military, three times more than the second highest spending country. Just imagine what a portion of that could have done for education.  I’ve been steadfast against the wars since 9/11, especially when the Taliban was ready to hand over Bin Laden for a fair trial, but Bush wouldn’t have any of that. It only took us an extra ten years and $5 Trillion dollars to get the job done. What a waste of lives, effort and funds. I will do everything in my power to reduce our foreign military footprint while insuring that our national security is strong.


BTW, did you know the Pentagon owns 194 golf courses? I think it’s high time we do an independent audit of the Pentagon and start flipping some tables.


Science Table Flipping

Ok, I’m tired of measuring things with a foot and want to join the rest of the developed world and move over the the metric system. I will write legislation to get this done. Oh, and climate change is real. Embrace the science and let’s get this planet back in balance again. Oil and coal, your days are numbered. You can read more about what we need to do regarding climate change here.


Women’s Rights Table Flipping

In this day and age you think we’d have this figured out by now… but, alas we still have a room full of men deciding what’s best for women. It’s time for this to change! Here’s what I’d like to do:


  • Legislation that mandates minority focused bill co-authors must consist of equal parts minority and non-minority politicians
  • Amend the Equal Pay Act so it provides protection and reward for whistleblowers
  • Increase funding for the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative and clear the backlog

Abortion Funding Table Flipping

A room full of men shouldn’t be deciding if abortions are covered by healthcare plans. It’s time we take down the “no girls allowed” sign and let women decide this. Let’s put 12 Congresswomen in a room, made up of 6 Democrats and 6 Republicans and create funding legislation that’s a compromise for both sides.


Although, one thing that I’d like considered is an option on our tax forms to be able to opt-out of one government program. I think this would work in favor for both sides of the aisle as it allows people to have a small amount of control over how their taxes are spent. It would also help alleviate some peoples desire to totally defund Planned Parenthood. What program would you like to opt-out of? For me it would be excessive military spending.

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.

John F. Kennedy


Immigration Table Flipping

No one wants to break up a family, especially when they are just trying to improve the lives of their loved ones. It would be much better to get undocumented people into the system and start generating more tax revenue. That’s why I would see about creating legislation that fast-tracks the green card process for immigrants that have documentation of living in the states for more than 5 years and have no criminal records. People need to live without fear of being deported and this is one way we can help lessen those fears.


Something to consider if you’re in the mindset of just rounding up all undocumented people and ship them back, the knife cuts both ways. Mexico might just round up your undocumented parents and ship them back to live with you. Won’t that be fun!


Education Table Flipping

Just about any K12 teacher will tell you what’s wrong with our education system, it’s education itself. Teachers want to teach, not educate students how to pass a standardized multiple choice test so the school can get more funding. We need to get back to letting teachers teach and plan their own curriculums, I believe the students would enjoy that too. We also need proper funding for schools so teachers don’t have to spend their own money on classroom supplies. We must invest in our future, and our future is our children.


Higher education students are drowning in debt for the same reasons Healthcare is out of control, and that’s greed, plain and simple. It’s time we invest in your children and find the $68 Billion needed to offer Public College for everyone. I’d also like to see legislation that ends the text book “revisions” scam that fleeces our students every year. Our investment in the future will pay for itself as the newly educated could work at corporations, government entities or social services for a short period of time to give back to the country with their work and to build up their resume.


Agriculture Table Flipping

Trump’s current budget proposal is looking to slash $38 billion out of farm subsidies, $28 billion of that is crop insurance alone! Sorry to say it but Trump is not a farmer’s friend. After the cuts in the 2014 farm bill, it’s clear Washington has farmers on the chopping block. I will do everything I can to protect crop insurance and make sure farmers have a financial safeguard in case of unpredictable weather. I will also protect SNAP within the farm bill as it’s a hard link tie between the producer and consumer and benefits so many people in need. I also support financial and technical aid to transition farmers into organic production so our nation can lean less on organic imports. I’d also support the creation of an AG coordinator at DoA that would help promote AG careers to students. Regarding trade, we need to build more bridges, not walls, so people can get their work done and keep the economy moving in the right direction.


With wheat prices down and trade in flux, maybe it’s time to consider a new cash crop? The world is going green and it’s time the farmers of America revive an old staple crop that helped to establish the country. Hemp is the wonder plant that’s used in paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, biofuel, food, animal feed and medication and could be just the thing to help breath new live in a farmer’s life. I’ll do everything in my power to clear the roadblocks and red tape so we can recreate the industrial hemp industry and bring in new profits for American farmers.


On a side note, we just had a recent incident in SE Oregon where 32 cows died due to drinking contaminated water from a reported algae bloom. I’d like to see about getting that water tested for excess nitrates, mainly due to the reported blue color of the cow’s legs. It sounds like nitrate poisoning from water pollution. Something to keep an eye out for and try to reduce.


Gun Control Table Flipping

We need to put an end to the gun show loophole and make it mandatory for every gun purchase to be tied to a specific individual. I’m also in support of banning bump stocks and 100+ magazines, there’s just no cause for them.


Cabinet Table Flipping

Imagine a farmer purposely putting a fox in a hen house so it can watch over and protect the hens… Crazy right!?! Well, that’s what has happened in the past and present regarding some cabinet appointments. We need to make these common sense changes to protect the department’s hen houses:


  • Industry leaders can not be appointed to a department that oversees their specific industry
  • Every two years the cabinet must have a third party audit of their specific department to find cost savings, waste and infractions

Corporate Tax Table Flipping

This is so broken. How is it that employees pay taxes on their gross income but corporations pay taxes on their net income? Citizen’s United has established that corporations are now people, so they need to pay taxes just like us, on gross income. In 2015, employee’s paid an average of 12.77% in taxes while corporations paid an average of 4.68%. If there was equality in payments then it would have added $1.46 Trillion more corporate taxes to the government earnings. That’s huge! Businesses can’t have their cake and eat it too. If you want to be classified as a person, you need to pay taxes on gross income, just like everyone else. I’d like to see a tax plan that eliminates loopholes, so corporations can’t get away without paying their fair share.


Last but not least, our massive $20 Trillion debt table…

Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter, they both sunk America into a world of debt. From wars to government programs, we’ve been spending like a teenager with daddy’s credit card. We need to reduce our spending across the board and make the hard choices of what stays and what goes. One place we could save a ton is by consolidating medicare and medicaid into a French styled healthcare program and work with doctors, hospitals and big pharma to reduce costs. We could also cut military spending in half and still be the number 1 country in regards to weapon spending, that’s a savings of $330 Billion! What we really need to do is conduct independent audits of every government department and find where we can cut costs and drive down spending so we can start paying off our debt.

Your thoughts are welcome

These ideas are just a starting point. We can work together to craft legislation that is meaningful and effective. If you have ideas on how to improve the government or on any of these topics, I’m all ears. Fill out the contact form and let me know your ideas.


With your support and a little elbow grease, we can see about flipping these tables together and righting the American ship for future generations. I ask for your vote and your support.


Thank you!


Ross Wordhouse