Women’s Rights

We must stand up together for what we believe in


If you believe that affordable healthcare and infrastructure jobs are more important than endless wars and conflict, if you believe that 100% renewable energy makes economic sense and if you believe that representatives should answer to their constituents and not lobbyists/PAC money, then stand with me to fight against the current Washington agenda. Together, we can turn the United Corporations of America into the United People of America. This is why I’m running for office, this is why I ask for your support.


My party affiliation is Democrat with Independent beliefs. What this means is that I don’t vote down party lines, I support great ideas. Partisan politics is tearing apart the fabric of America and it needs to be addressed. One idea I have for ending partisan politics is to mandate that legislation have equal and opposite party co-authors. This will help reduce the plethora of partisan legislation and insure bipartisan support. If you’d like to check out current legislation that I’d support, you can view that here.


Creative ideas are where I excel. I enjoy looking at complex problems and coming up with simple solutions that just work. Take for example Republican’s desire to defund Planned Parenthood. Why not introduce legislation that allows every tax payer to opt-out of one government program on their tax forms. What would you opt-out of? Below are more ideas and solutions for you to check out, enjoy!

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